Car Accident Pain?


If you’ve been in an auto accident and haven’t been checked out, be aware you only have a limited amount of time…


Florida Statutes

gives you just 14 days to be checked over by a doctor (chiropractor included) from the time of your accident.

You will need

a specific EMC diagnosis for proper coverage. Moreover, your benefits can move from $2500 to $10,000 if all done within 14 the days.

Why Else Should You Get Treated Quick?

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This book details important information about the kinds of injuries experienced after an auto accident and what to do about them.

It covers topics such as:

  • What to do about whiplash
  • The long term effects of whiplash
  • Insurance coverage
  • Preventative measures
  • and more

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We Will Help You at Baywest

Remember, time is of the essence. If you have recently been involved in an accident, even if you are only mildly injured, we urge you to get checked out.

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